David and Fatima Luigi Bian South32 free Full feature sexy Love story film hot FULL FEATURE movie Hollywood cinema film. Luigi Bian the executive producer and one of the writers,[1][deprecated source] is an Iranian American living in Malibu, California. He recalled that he encountered hostility during a visit to Israel. Tavia Dautartas, the other producer, is also a Malibu resident.[2] Alain Zaloum, the director and the other writer,[1] is a Cairo-born Copt who during childhood moved to Canada. He had graduated from the film school of the University of Southern California (USC).[2] Bian selected Zaloum because Zaloum was neither Jewish nor was he Muslim, since Bian did not want to give favoritism to either side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Zaloum was the seventh director that had been hired; the producers fired the previous six choices for director